Communications & Public Relations Metrics

The Communications & Public Relations department publishes metrics on the usage and reach of the county's websites and social media channels on a monthly basis. Tracking this data allows us to measure our growth in online engagement. Our public website, and social media are important tools for sharing information about county services, programs and news with our residents, businesses and visitors.


We track pageviews of, RamseyNet (our employee intranet) other county websites to monitor web traffic and trends.

Followers, subscribers and users

We track the number of social media followers, email update subscribers and website users to monitor engagement and audience growth.

Open Data Portal

Courthouse and Union Depot Tours

In addition to tracking our websites and social media channels, we track the number of tour participants at the Saint Paul City Hall/Ramsey County Courthouse and at Union Depot. The Ramsey County Historical Society administers the tour programs in partnership with our communications and public relations team. View courthouse and Union Depot tour dates.

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