Ramsey County Ice Arenas

Parks & Recreation is responsible for planning, developing and maintaining a system of regional and county parks and trails, open space, golf courses and ice arenas. It operates one of the largest ice arena systems in the United States. The 11 arenas and 13 sheets of ice provide thousands of hours of recreational opportunities and enjoyment for residents. County arenas host hockey practices, games, lessons, open skating sessions and dry floor events, such as graduations, trade shows and concerts.
Parks & Recreation continually reviews its facilities to determine if additional recreation opportunities are a fit for both the community’s interests and the facility. Recent improvements include a dry floor cover at Aldrich Arena which has provided new opportunities to host cultural events such as Latino music festivals and Hmong New Year celebrations; an indoor turf facility was built as part of the TCO Sports Garden in 2020; Highland Arena is receiving updates to improve stormwater management, add more parking and improve pedestrian traffic flow.
Arena facilities are also available to rent by schools, athletic teams, community organizations and residents.
Children ice skating.

Revenues and expenses

Ramsey County operates 13 indoor ice rinks that provide year-round venues for ice skating, hockey, curling, roller-derby, concerts, graduations, flea markets and other large events. This chart shows operating revenues and expenses for all ice arenas combined.

Profits and losses

This chart shows profits and losses for each ice arena. Due to a historic snowfall in April 2018, the turf field at TCO Sports Garden was closed and under construction until January 2021.

Operating histories

For more information on Ramsey County ice arenas visit ramseycounty.us/icearenas
To learn more about the current year ice arena budget and expenditures, visit openfinance.ramseycounty.us.