Workforce Solutions Annual Report 2022
Cash Assistance

Cash assistance is available for eligible pregnant women, single individuals without children and low-income families with minor children. In most cases, eligible residents receiving temporary cash assistance must engage in work and/or educational activities. Employment counselors support individuals and families who receive food and cash assistance as they work to achieve their career goals. 
The Minnesota Family Investment Program and Diversionary Work Program are two public assistance programs that share a common goal of helping families achieve wellness and economic stability and exit cash assistance.

Minnesota Family Investment Program

The Minnesota Family Investment Program (MFIP) provides temporary assistance to families who are low-income with one or more children under age 19, and to women who are pregnant. Families receive cash, food and childcare assistance along with a comprehensive work focused program including job counseling and resources coordination. The longest period most parents with minor children can receive cash and program services is a total of 60 months with most families off assistance within two years.
Ramsey County ensures a continuum of integrated services provided to participants in the areas of family/household, well-being, stability and career pathways across multiple departments including Financial Assistance and Workforce Solutions, and through a network of contracted providers with locations in Saint Paul and suburban Ramsey County.
Minnesota Family Investment Program contracted vendor partner agencies:

Diversionary Work Program (DWP)

The primary goal of DWP is to divert families from going into the MFIP cash assistance program by providing job search support and community resources for up to four months. Quick access to work-focused services enables people to capitalize on their strengths and to identify and address barriers to work.
DWP counselors coordinate and support participants’ job search efforts through short-term case management, regular contact, access to support services and referrals to on-site activities such as job skills workshops, job clubs and resource center use. Counselors also assist individuals in identifying and addressing employment barriers.  This short-term program does not count towards MFIP’s 60-month time limit.

DWP helps jobseeker obtain self-sufficiency

Amy came to the program experiencing homelessness. She needed help finding and securing childcare and stated her goal was to find a job as soon as possible. She and her guidance counselor worked together to obtain housing resources, secure childcare assistance and start job searching. Within a few weeks, Amy was offered a job with The Women’s Club of Minneapolis that paid $22 per hour working 32 hours per week as a line cook. In her final month of DWP, she found a place of her own. She expressed how very happy she was to have found resources, secure childcare, a job and become self-sufficient, no longer relying on anyone for her success.
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