Get the Right Waste to the Right Place

Pre-demolition hazardous waste removal

Ramsey County’s Pre-Demolition Inspection Program is a unique asset to county residents. Formed in 2008 within Saint Paul-Ramsey County Public Health, the program requires a county inspection before the start of any demolition or major renovation/remodeling activity. This is to identify hazardous building materials before a building is demolished.
The inspector works with residents and contractors to identify and ensure the safe removal of certain materials. During the pre-demolition process, the items that can be reused or salvaged for use at a later time, are taken out. Household materials that were removed and placed in a different setting include cabinets, doors, windows, hot water radiators, wood flooring and trim, electric and plumbing fixtures and appliances. 
If items cannot be reused and/or salvaged, recycling or appropriate disposal is then required. Proper protocol for the removal of appliances, asbestos, electronics and any other hazardous waste must be followed by contractors. The pre-demolition program has consistent criteria in place to confirm that the right waste gets to the right place.
Program data shows that asbestos, a well-recognized airborne health hazard, is in about eight out of every 10 structures. With a pre-demolition inspection, Ramsey County can reduce that risk of exposure and dispose of this and other harmful building materials safely.
Even if you never have a building demolished on your property, you are still benefiting from the pre-demolition program. It works for you, and the community, to prevent negative environmental impacts on our air, soil and water streams.