Health and Wellness

Community Corrections . Financial Assistance Services . Health and Wellness Administration .
Healthcare Services (LOR & RCCC) . Public Health . Social Services . Veterans Services

Community Corrections

Community Corrections screens and assesses clients, prepares reports for court, provides community supervision and offers short-term custody and programming for those who are court-ordered to serve time.

Financial Assistance Services

Financial Assistance Services (FAS) provides essential basic need services to Ramsey County residents so they can survive and thrive. FAS is responsible for administering safety net programs, such as homeless shelter services, child care, financial, food and medical assistance.

Health and Wellness Administration

The Health and Wellness Administrative Division implements and coordinates shared administrative services for the Health and Wellness Service Team.

Healthcare Services

Healthcare Services, reporting to the County Manager's Office, oversees Lake Owasso Residence and the Ramsey County Care Center. 

Public Health

Saint Paul - Ramsey County Public Health is a city-county local public health agency serving all of the cities and townships in Ramsey County. The department works in partnership with residents, community partners and other units of government to promote, protect and improve the health of the community.

Social Services

Social Services Department (SSD) is responsible for helping persons, families, and communities of Ramsey County to survive and thrive. SSD is also the local authority for mental health services, child and adult protection.

Veterans Services

Veterans Services educates, assists, counsels and advocates for veterans, their dependents and survivors who are entitled to benefits based on service in the United States military.