Mental Health

Children's Mental Health Programs

Children's Mental Health helps families of children with mental health needs. Social Services staff provide assessments and case management to ensure that families are able to get necessary supports for their children. 
Crisis Response provides emergency assistance to families with youth experiencing a mental health crisis. Mental health providers with a special focus on children respond to the immediate need while families receive referrals, develop crisis plans, and receive follow-up assistance. Project Assist, a service within crisis response, provides mental health screening for children entering the child protection or juvenile justice systems. 
Case Management helps children and their families obtain and coordinate therapeutic and supportive services that address the child's mental health issues and related social, recreational, physical health, educational, and vocational needs. Services include developing care plans and crisis plans, referrals to community supports, and assisting parents. 

Total Children's Mental Health Participants

Participants by Race and Ethnicity

Asian, American Indian, and many immigrant communities access Children's Mental Health services at lower rates than their overall population representation. Western approaches to mental health care often focus on the individual and do not address wellness in the manner that these communities find helpful. Social Services has been working to expand service options and increase contracts with community agencies who are able to provide culturally responsive services. They also work with all staff to build their ability to understand and respond to the needs of all communities.

Children's Mental Health Participant Data

Totals for subgroups with less than six participants were removed to protect participant privacy. These cells were left blank.