Unclaimed Money

Ramsey County manages two types of unclaimed funds: unclaimed checks and unclaimed heirs. 

Unclaimed checks

Ramsey County regularly issues checks that are not deposited or cashed by the payee (owner) within six months of being sent. These checks are referred to as "unclaimed."
We would like to reunite owners with their funds as quickly and securely as possible. If you are the owner of an unclaimed check and:

Do not have the check:
Please fill out this form and follow the instructions to obtain a replacement.

Have the check but need additional information: please email askba@ramseycounty.us.

Why do you only have checks listed for the last three years?

State law requires that the county review and report unclaimed property to the Minnesota Department of Commerce yearly. Each year on Oct. 31, outstanding payments issued three years previously are escheated (transferred) to the state. The state of Minnesota lists all escheated unclaimed property on missingmoney.com

Unclaimed Checks Table

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Unclaimed heirs

When money from an estate is unable to be given to its rightful heirs, the funds are deposited with the county treasurer. 
Heirs have 21 years from the time the funds are deposited to petition the court to direct the county auditor to authorize the distribution of funds. 
Contact a legal representative for information on petitioning the court.

Unclaimed Heirs

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