State General Election Voter Turnout

With 247,050 ballots cast, turnout for a midterm election was the highest in Ramsey County's history.

The county also experienced its second-highest voting rate* for a midterm election since 1982 with an estimated 58.1% of the voting age population casting a ballot. The 2018 rate ranks behind only the 2002 midterm election, which had an estimated 59.5% voting rate. 

*Note: Voting rate is an estimated percentage comparing ballots cast against voting age population based on the information from the 2010 Census data; P.L. 94-171.

Total voting over time

The graphic above illustrates the contrast between midterm and presidential election voting over time. The years between 2002 and 2015 saw a decline of participation for midterm elections while participation in presidential elections remained steady. 
2017 and 2018 saw a relative surge of participation in midterm elections. If this trend continues, the 2020 presidential election could see over 300,000 ballots cast, a threshold not yet reached in Ramsey County.

The age of our voters

Note: Other/unknown category consists of voters whose age is unknown due to reporting limitations of the state database.

Geographic distribution of ballots

The highest number of ballots cast in the county was in Shoreview Precinct 5 at 3,418.
The highest number of ballots cast in Saint Paul was in Ward 3 Precinct 14 with 3,251.

Participation by city

Note: Voting rate compares ballots cast to the city's voting age population (age 18 and up).
Voting age population obtained from the 2010 Census data; P.L. 94-171.

Total ballots by Saint Paul ward

Voter registration over time 

Ramsey County set a goal to register 10,000 additional voters between spring 2018 and spring 2019 to reach 311,000 total registered voters.
Through a variety of voter engagement initiatives, we surpassed the goal and reached 314,000 registered voters. 
Note: At the start of each year, the state performs voter registration list maintenance as required by law. This results in a decrease in voter registration numbers.

Election Day registration over time

Since 1974, Minnesota voters have had the option to register on Election Day. Historically, Election Day registration has been higher during presidential election years. In 2016, however, Election Day registration declined. For the first time during a presidential election, Minnesotans had the option to register online. In a single day in October, over 73,000 Minnesotans took advantage of the new registration method, a record since the state launched online registration in 2013.

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