2018 Primary Turnout

Highest primary voter turnout since 1994

A total of 101,074 total ballots were cast in the 2018 primary in Ramsey County - the highest voter turnout for a primary since 1994. Ramsey County also had our largest percentage of absentee/early/in-person voters ever for a primary.

Historical Primary Turnout Trends

Current Primary Turnout

In Ramsey County, 24% of registered voters cast a ballot in the 2018 state primary - greater than the statewide turnout and more than double the amount of Ramsey County voters who turned out in the 2014 state primary. In addition to nearly record-high turnout, around 14% of ballots cast were from mail/in-person absentee voting or early voting - a trend that has risen steadily since 2014.

Ballots cast by precinct - Primary 2018

The 2018 primary showed increased interest in pre-Election Day options for voting, particularly early voting which surpassed the number of those voting absentee by mail. Of those voting before Election Day:
  • 46% voted early the week before the primary.
  • 37% voted absentee by mail.
  • 13% voted in-person by absentee ballot.
  • the remaining roughly 4% voted either at a health care facility or via agent delivery.

Absentee ballots cast

Polling place ballots cast

Early voting locations may have had an impact on absentee voting numbers. 

The 2018 primary was the first primary where early voting locations were operated by the Elections Office throughout Ramsey County. Absentee voting numbers may be higher in areas surrounding some early voting locations. Shoreview, Roseville and White Bear Lake saw high voter turnout both on Election Day and through absentee voting, particularly during early voting.
A total of eleven early voting locations were offered during the primary.

Total Ballots Cast by City

When viewing turnout by city, it is important to note that Saint Paul has the highest population of any city in Ramsey County. In addition, only a small, industrial portion of Blaine lies within Ramsey County. 

Total Ballots Cast by Saint Paul Ward

When viewing turnout by Saint Paul ward, it is important to note that Ward 3 has the highest population of registered voters in the county and Ward 4 had a special election for council member on August 14.
Visit the dataset, view the abstract of results, or read additional elections reports to learn more.