Dispatch Incident Dashboard

Last update 06/03/2024
This dashboard shows 911 emergency and non-emergency calls from the public; internal calls and incidents generated by police, fire and ambulance services; and calls from other public safety agencies served by the Ramsey County Emergency Communications Center (ECC). The data represents incidents handled by the dispatch center only. After a public safety responder is dispatched, the location and category of the incident may be changed by the responding agency in their report system. Incidents with more than one caller may be listed more than once, but the responding agency may only use one case number for several phone calls. 

Monthly Incident Data

This chart  shows the most frequently occurring problem codes recorded by telecommunicators and responders during the current month. Please note that: 
  • All medical incidents have been transformed into a collective "MEDICAL" label. Visit our medical incidents dashboard for aggregate information on those call types.
  • The type code "911" is used for many incidents where a caller is unwilling or unable to provide telecommunicators with more information, including unintentional calls.
  • One problem type, "Off-Duty Employment," is excluded. This code is used when officers are employed by businesses or organizations outside their duty hours. ODEs are used for tracking purposes only and are not considered calls for service.

Monthly Law Enforcement Incident Data

Monthly Fire/Medical Incident Data

The vast majority of calls handled by fire departments are medical incidents.
This chart includes both medical and fire calls. It shows the most frequently occurring problem codes recorded by ECC staff and responders during the current month for Fire/Medical calls. Visit our medical incidents dashboard for more detailed information on those call types.
Please note that for Fire/Medical data the type code 'DOW - Person Down' is used where a caller indicates someone is simply down with no explanation. The individual may simply be sleeping or they may be intoxicated, sick, injured or possibly deceased.

Dataset Preview

Visit the incident dataset for detailed data.
Notes: 1. Child abuse, criminal sexual conduct, juvenile incidents and predatory offender registration incidents were withheld from the dataset as well as all charts. 2. Prior to May 2018, White Bear Lake provided internal dispatch. No information prior to this date will be included in the dataset.

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