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This summary focuses on the overall growth of residential, apartment, commercial, industrial and agricultural properties and compares 2021 to previous years. 

Market Summary

Total growth in the 2021 assessed value of Ramsey County real property was $2.09 billion, with $1.36 billion of the growth in value coming from residential property. The total assessed estimated market value of Ramsey County property for 2021, taxes payable 2022, is $62.23 billion, up from last year’s $60.15 billion (not including personal property, utilities and railroad). 
The total countywide increase in market value of $2.09 billion, included $760 million of value from new construction. As of the 2021 assessment, total estimated market value is now $23.6 billion above the most recent low point in the real estate cycle (2012 assessment).

Estimated Market Value Totals

Estimated market value percent changes from 2020 to 2021 assessments.

Percent Change by Jurisdiction

Percent Change by Location and Tax Classification

Percent Change by City and Suburban

Percent Change by Tax Classification

Countywide Percent Change

Median Estimated Market Value Percent Change

Percent Change by Jurisdiction, Land Use Category and Location

Percent Change by Land Use Category and Location

Percent Change by Land Use Category

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