Ramsey County Golf Courses

Parks & Recreation is responsible for planning, developing and maintaining a system of regional parks and trails, county parks and trails, open space, ice arenas and golf courses. It plays a vital role in enhancing the quality of life for the residents of Ramsey County.
Ramsey County’s parks system is transforming to be more responsive to the changing demographics and needs of residents, families and multigenerational visitors of county spaces and places in the 21st century. Aligned with developing a 21st century parks system, a comprehensive golf system analysis was completed in 2018 for the county-owned golf courses - Goodrich, Keller, Manitou Ridge and Island Lake. Many of the recommendations are being implemented, including offering public golf experiences at three tiers: Value, Standard and Premium.

Revenues and expenses

Ramsey County operates four golf courses: Goodrich, Keller, Manitou Ridge and Island Lake. This chart shows operating revenues and expenses for all courses combined. The Ponds at Battle Creek closed in September 2021.

Profits and losses

This chart shows profits and losses for each course. Please note: Keller was closed for a remodel in 2014; The Ponds at Battle Creek was transferred into the General Fund at the end of 2015 and the debt service was forgiven and removed from the Ponds budget. In 2014, funds were transferred from the county's Debt Service Fund to cover the required principal and interest payment ($225,464 total).

Operating histories

For more information on Ramsey County golf courses visit ramseycounty.us/golf.