Workforce Solutions Annual Report 2022
Job Seeker Services

The Workforce Innovation and Opportunity Act (WIOA) provides the federal funding for Workforce Solutions to operate programming that serves individuals who have been laid off or lost a job through no fault of their own (dislocated workers), unemployed low-income Ramsey County adults and eligible young adults 14-24 years old who are pursuing education and employment goals. 
Free employment services are available to all members of the public through Ramsey County Workforce Solutions and our service partner, CareerForce.

Dislocated Worker Program

The Dislocated Worker Program is available to individuals who have lost their job through no fault of their own. An employment counselor helps with job search services, individualized career counseling, support services and training opportunities so career seekers can step back into the workforce with confidence.
In addition to the Ramsey County Dislocated Worker Team, services are provided by Dislocated Worker Program Contracted Vendor Partner Agencies, Hired and Goodwill Easter Seals MN.
Program year (Federal and State): July 1 – June 30

Adult Program

The Adult Program provides employment and training services for Ramsey County residents ages 18 years and older. An employment counselor will help with job search services, individualized career counseling, support services and training opportunities.
The Adult Program works closely with other CareerForce Center programs such as the Dislocated Worker and state Vocational Rehabilitation Services, Minnesota Family Investment Program and other community-based services. This coordinated service delivery approach strengthens local workforce quality, productivity and competitiveness of the Ramsey County economy.
In addition to the Ramsey County Adult Team, services are provided by Adult Program Contracted Vendor Partner Agencies, Goodwill Easter Seals MN and YWCA Saint Paul.
Program year (Federal): July 1– June 30
Program year (State): October 1 – September 30

Young Adult Employment Program

The young adult program provides employment and training opportunities to youth who are low-income and/or at-risk. Services provided by vendors include career planning, job search assistance, paid work experience and assistance with tuition costs. Ramsey County also offers resources to help youth thrive and live up to their full potential.
The Young Adult Employment Program is a pillar within Ramsey County’s Youth Works! program which is a county-wide youth employment partnership initiative.
Together we will ensure alignment and coordination among the larger youth and young adult employment ecosystem to most effectively support young people, ages 14-24, in gaining access to employment, training resources and career pathways opportunities.
Workforce Solutions contracts with 10 Youth Employment Program vendor partners agencies.
Program year (Federal): April 1– March 31
Program year (State): July 1– June 30

American Rescue Plan Act (ARPA)

In July, Ramsey County and the city of Saint Paul announced that they would invest a combined $24.8 million in ARPA funding for high-quality job training programs and workforce initiatives throughout Saint Paul and Ramsey County. The $9.5 million county investment and $15.3 million city investment are already providing high-quality job training programs to support those disproportionately impacted by the pandemic due to unemployment, underemployment, or loss of household income - especially young people.
One of the ARPA funded programs already underway is the Driver’s License Academy, which helps young workers aged 18-24 obtain their driver’s license as a needed work credential at no cost.

Job Seeker Success Story

Sam was referred to the Dislocated Worker (DW) program when the manufacturing company he had worked at for more than 10 years closed. With the loss of his job and other personal struggles, Sam was left feeling lost and unsure where to start. He came into the program seeking job search assistance. He and his employment guidance counselor worked on his resume and cover letter. Then, Sam began job searching using the resources available in the local resource room.
As a veteran, Sam was also able to access support from the State of Minnesota’s Veteran Services program to help work through personal issues. He found interim employment to sustain him financially until he secured an assembly job with a local manufacturer. He also received a wage subsidy through the Trade Adjustment Assistance program which bridged the gap until he was back to earning a sustainable wage. Sam overcame many barriers and is now working in a position he enjoys and works well for him and his family.
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