Strategic Team

Total Employees

The Strategic Team (ST) is comprised of the following departments:
  • County Manager (includes Policy and Planning).
  • Finance.
  • Human Resources.
The Strategic Team represents 3% of the county’s workforce; 94 of the county’s 3,803 employees. Employees of color represent 35% of the Strategic Team workforce, nearly equal to the countywide workforce of 36%.
The majority of Strategic Team employees are in the EEO-4 category of Professionals classification.  

New Hires, Promotions and Separations

New Hires 
  • The Strategic Team had 8 of the 398 new hires at Ramsey County (2%).
  • 75% of the new hires in the Strategic Team were people of color. 
  • The Strategic Team had 16 of the 329 promotions at Ramsey County (5%).
  • 19% of the promotions in the Strategic Team were people of color.
  • The Strategic Team had 12 of the 395 separations at Ramsey County (3%).
  • 25% of the separations in the Strategic Team were people of color.

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Employees by Race/Ethnicity

Employees by Gender

Employees by EEO-4 Categories

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