Workforce Solutions Annual Report 2022 
Making an Impact

Workforce Solutions offers services helping job seekers be competitive in the local job market through career development and coaching. Employers are also supported through a variety of workforce services that assist businesses in meeting their talent needs while supporting an inclusive economy.
2022 was a year of impact for Workforce Solutions. In partnership with the Workforce Innovation Board, residents and employers throughout Ramsey County were supported in emerging from the pandemic, aiming to ensure employment services and programs were available virtually and in-person again.
This annual report demonstrates the accomplishments of Workforce Solutions’ efforts throughout the year to provide opportunity and well-being for all Ramsey County residents and businesses.
Thank you to Workforce Solutions staff, Workforce Innovation Board members and all our partners for their commitment to building an equitable economy this past year.

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Workforce Board
The Workforce Innovation Board harnesses the power of business, government, economic development, education and community to develop solutions for workforce challenges in Ramsey County.
Job Seeker Services
Workforce Solutions offers free employment services to all members of the public.
Employer Services
Employers are supported through a variety of workforce services that assist in meeting talent needs.
Cash Assistance
Employment counselors support individuals and families who receive food and cash assistance as they work to achieve their career goals.
It takes many workforce partners to serve Ramsey County residents and businesses.

Residents served

The charts included below show all participants served by employment services programs. Not all participants served are in activities that lead to training or employment during a given calendar year.
An additional 2,310 residents were served through Workforce Solutions’ Career Services, with 917 residents served in person at Career Labs and 1,393 served via phone or online.

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