Election Results Dashboard 2019

Following the election, Ramsey County Elections audits the vote totals reported on election night with the official paper documents certified by election judges on Election Day. The audited results are then canvassed by the appropriate canvassing boards: state, county, city and school district. The election results are unofficial until canvassed.
Ramsey County uses the Minnesota Secretary of State’s platform as the system of record for reporting election results. The public data provided in this dashboard was downloaded from the Minnesota Secretary of State's website.

Ramsey County

County Commissioner District 1 (Special Election)

Saint Paul

Saint Paul Trash

Should Ordinance ROD 18-39, entitled "Residential Coordinated Collection", remain in effect for residential trash collection in St. Paul? Ordinance 18-39 creates new rules for the collection and disposal of trash and payment for trash service and requires that certain residential dwellings have trash collected by a designated trash hauler. A "yes" vote is a vote in favor of keeping Ordinance ORD 18-39. A "No" vote is a vote to get rid of Ordinance ORD 18-39.

Saint Paul City Council by Ward

Pre-Reallocation Results

For the results of the Nov. 8, 2019 reallocation of Saint Paul wards 1 and 6, please visit rcelections.org.

Winner Declared on Election Night

School District

School Board Member at Large (ISD #621 - Mounds View)

School Board Member at Large (ISD #623 - Roseville)

School Board Member at Large (ISD #624 - White Bear Lake)

School Board Member at Large (ISD #625 - St. Paul)

Additional Municipal Races

Falcon Heights

Council Member at Large


White Bear Lake

Council Member Ward 1

Council Member Ward 3