Community & Economic Development
2022 Annual Report

Ramsey County Community & Economic Development invests in housing infrastructure, emerging businesses, entrepreneurship and the  redevelopment of contaminated or underutilized properties. When projects and programs are successful, there is greater well-being and quality of life for Ramsey County residents. This annual report demonstrates how county resources were leveraged in 2022 to directly execute the recommended actions of the Economic Competitiveness & Inclusion Plan. The eight strategies outlined in the plan are the foundation for all department initiatives and in direct alignment with the county's strategic priority of creating pathways to intergenerational prosperity.

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Activating the Housing Redevelopment Authority levy

In 2022, Ramsey County began levying through the Housing Redevelopment Authority. The county board approved $11.1 million during the 2020-2021 biennial budget, aligning with Strategy 1 of the Economic Competitiveness & Inclusion Plan, to help preserve and increase the supply of rental housing units for the lowest-income residents. 
In Ramsey County, residents of ethnically diverse groups are more likely to rent and pay a higher percentage of their income on rent, as opposed to their white counterparts. Due to this reality, the county's priority for the Housing Redevelopment Authority levy funds remains on building infrastructure for residents who live in poverty and struggle to find or afford stable housing, including seniors, low-wage workers and others who make less than $25,000 annually. 
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In 2022, the majority of Housing Redevelopment Authority levy funds were dedicated to the development of affordable housing projects, which totaled more than $7.7 million. The levy funds helped the county:


The number of Ramsey County Community & Economic Development staff has grown over the last few years to help advance the important work occurring within the department. On behalf of the team, a thank you to city partners, members of the county board, county staff and local organizations for their continued support and partnership, as Ramsey County strives to be a leader in transformational outcomes in the east metro region.
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"The Community & Economic Development (CED) department had a robust year investing against the recommended actions within the County’s Economic Competitiveness & Inclusion Plan. Our team, and the County collaboratively, disbursed millions of dollars in deeply affordable housing infrastructure as well as improvements to critical corridors to ensure a better outcome and quality of life for all of our residents. I’m proud of the hard work of our team, as well as the numerous partnerships with cities and communities to ensure we are building inclusive communities where all are valued and thrive."
- Kari Collins, Director of Community & Economic Development  
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