Assessor's Report 2024

The Assessor’s Report details changes and trends in assessed property values in Ramsey County based on type and location. Property owners can review this report to help provide context for how property values throughout the county have changed over the past year. Property valuation notices and property tax statements were sent to property owners in March, describing changes specific to their property. This report is based on the 2024 assessment, which is assessed values determined as of January 2, 2024.

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As of the 2024 assessment, total estimated market value is now $36.7 billion above the most recent low point in the real estate cycle (2012 assessment).

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Ramsey County’s residential real estate market experienced steady growth in 2023. The median sale price for residential property in Ramsey County was $315,400, up from $303,800 at year-end 2022.

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After several years of strong growth, the Ramsey County apartment market has begun to moderate. As of late 2023, Saint Paul had an overall vacancy rate of 4.0%, and rents were up 1.7% from 2022. While the exact numbers vary by each suburban city, overall vacancy has decreased slightly, and rents are up from 1 to 7% from the same period a year ago.

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The Ramsey County commercial real estate market remains solid and stable. Despite challenges in certain market segments, a strong local economy, continued consumer demand, and near-record low unemployment create conditions to expect future growth.

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The Ramsey County industrial market remains very strong. Record low unemployment, and very strong consumer demand contribute to the continued strength of this market. Ramsey County’s central location makes it particularly popular for both users and investors of industrial real estate.

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Local agricultural property market values have held steady for the 2024 assessment. In Ramsey County, aggregate agricultural value has decreased in recent years due to agricultural land being purchased for new real estate developments. As a result, agricultural value has shifted to other uses.


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