Ramsey County’s agricultural market consists of retail greenhouses, and to a much more limited extent, urban or indoor farming and some farmed land.

Market Summary

Values in the local agricultural property market have held steady for the 2024 assessment.
Minnesota law requires assessors to value property at its estimated market value. The estimated market value must reflect the use of the property that will bring the greatest economic return to the land. For many farm properties, land use of greatest economic return may be to develop the land for residential or commercial use. The residential or commercial value of a property is typically significantly higher than that of farmland.
In Ramsey County, aggregate agricultural value has decreased in recent years due to agricultural land being purchased for new real estate developments. As a result, agricultural value has shifted to other uses.

Estimated Market Value Totals

Estimated market value percent changes from 2023 to 2024 assessments. 

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