2021 Annual Business Report:
Building Connections

Business Services

Workforce Solutions

Workforce Solutions  helps meet the workforce needs of local businesses by providing employee recruitment assistance such as:

Business and Industry Partnerships

Valuable business and industry partnership activities include:
  • Posting jobs and reviewing Workforce Solutions’ candidate profiles to find job seekers with the right skill set.
  • Providing internships and work experiences for program-enrolled job seekers.
  • Participating on local workforce boards.
  • Partnering on training grants to secure a skilled workforce.
  • Hiring diverse candidates to fill essential roles.

Ramsey County Means Business

The Ramsey County Means Business website integrates the county’s economic development and workforce development resources in one website to offer businesses easy access to business development resources and incentives as well as workforce information.
Job Connect online job board is a free, self-service job board. Created in collaboration with Ramsey County Chambers of Commerce, local economic development organizations and municipalities, the job board allows businesses to post current, local job opportunities and is free for all to use.
Job Connect has many unique features, such as highlighting the major industries in Ramsey County and the ability to search for jobs by transit accessibility, keyword and location using an interactive map.
The site also includes a comprehensive partner directory of the local and regional organizations that offer support programs for businesses growing here. Whether looking to recruit new employees, start an internship program or train existing employees on the latest equipment or software, the directory provides businesses with access to the resources they need to thrive.

Featured employer: Medica

Medica, a health insurance provider, recently undertook a significant project to establish a new operations center with a commitment to equitable hiring practices and a more inclusive workforce. Medica had been based in Minnetonka for decades. Following the 2020 civil unrest, company officials were determined to create jobs where high unemployment and broad 
diversity were present. Guided by their mission statement  “…to be the trusted health plan of choice for customers, members, partners and our employees,” Medica decided to open a call center and claims processing operation in the Midway neighborhood of Saint Paul, hiring local people to work there. 

“It would have been easy to make a financial donation, but we wanted to do more,” said Rich Buckley, Medica’s Manager of Talent Acquisition. “The decision to commit to a bricks-and-mortar location offered more than just transactional support. It demonstrated Medica’s commitment to the community and our employee culture and offered an opportunity for people from these communities to truly build careers.” 

The company opened its Midway office in January 2021. With several requirements for a location, including proximity to public transportation, Medica officials worked with community partners like Ramsey County, the Saint Paul Area Chamber, the City of Saint Paul, Metropolitan Council, Ramsey County Workforce Solutions, RealTime Talent and the Midway Chamber of Commerce to find a location that fit. 

For more information on Ramsey County’s employer engagement activities, contact us.